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Little about us.....

Meet Shell and Jonas! Together they are Australian photographer and German photographer who are always searching for their next adventure! Shell is the dreamer and ocean girl. And Jonas is her rock and mountain guy, together they are perfect combination. Ying and Yang!  Shell and Jonas meet in Rocky Mountains in Canada while both exploring the world. And now they have been travelling together ever since!

Together they are visual storytellers, explorers and creators. They are people lovers, animal lovers, nature lovers and big fans for peace! With their passions of travel & lifestyle photography. Their creativity is inspire through nature, exploring, adventure and sharing along with others their dreams and experiences. And in this day and age they are lucky to have the abilitty to do this through creavitity. Being able to experience life through traveling and capture it with visual storytelling.

They are simple people, who love simple things in life. They don’t need much just creativity, love and nature. They believe in compassion for others, people’s rights, respect to one another and free spreech especially throught visual storytelling. World is big place and it’s their backyard. Together they travel hand-in-hand!